Interview With Yankel Koncepolski
Melech Thaler, arrested on the night of the Kinnus Hashluchim, on an alleged charge of throwing a bottle at Israel Shemtov, was cleared by the DAs office of any wrongdoing after a prolonged investigation. The DAs office actually dropped the charges last September, and was ordered to appear in court by Judge Garnett, after the District Attorney refused to confirm the dropping of the charges in writing
Even though Melech Thaler has been found completely innocent by the DA and the Court confirmed this, Yehuda Krinsky and Abraham Shemtov are insisting upon going to civil court, to keep him out of 770. now brings you an exclusive interview (in "Full Article) with Yankel Koncepolski, an Australian businessman and communal Askan, who was dealing with the case.
14 Adar-I 5768 (20.02.2008)
CI:  Do you have any comments on this latest development?
YK: Yes. After Melech had been exonerated by the DA, I would have thought that Krinsky and Shemtov would disassociate themselves from the criminal elements that framed Melech.
Actually, I am glad to have the opportunity to assist Melech in proving his complete innocence in civil court. For centuries Yidden have had mesirus nefesh for Pidyon Shvuyim, especially victims of blood libel. Here we have leaders of Merkos and Aguch demanding the gentile court to
As a matter of fact, I hope that I will have the zechus that my investigation will be instrumental in proving the framing of Melech, and its connection with the plan to take full control of Lubavitch by limiting who can and cannot daven in 770.. We are being forced to present evidence that will be eye -opening, even for those who believe they are immune.
CI: Can you please explain how you became involved in this case?
YK:  On the day after the 5767 Kinnus banquet (Nov 19, 2006), I was told that 3 Tmimim from Eretz Yisroel had been arrested in 770. One of them happened to be my close friend Shlomo Thalers son, Melech Thaler. His father was not able to come to CH at the time and therefore asked me to help.  
CI: What did you find out?
YK:  I discovered that the boys had been sent to the central lock up and were forced to stay there overnight without food. Eventually I had them released at 2pm the next day.
CI: What happened next?
YK:   I commenced my own investigation of what took place in 770 the previous night, trying my best to maintain an objective view. I quickly began interrogating as many people as possible who were present in 770 that night.  Eventually I obtained dozens of video clips, eyewitness statements from various viewpoints including my own mechutan. I warned the Tmimim that if they are not completely frank with me, they will lose my trust.
CI: Did you check any Internet reports before you began investigating?
YK: Yes. COL, Shturem and
CI: What did they report?
YK: They were replete with news reports and dozens of comments about the T'mimim from Eretz Yisroel, accusing them of an unprovoked attack on Shluchim. I was saddened to also see that even Levi Leviev's website, would post an article that publicized an incident that would bring such shame to the Rebbe and Lubavitch. All 3 websites rushed to be the first to tell the world how Lubavitchers were fighting each other in 770.

CI: But haven't you asked Chabad.Info  to do the same?
YK: This is a question that I wrestle with constantly. The deciding factor is that the above 3 websites have mounted a campaign to defame the bochurim from Tzfas, and in particular Melech Thaler. The Torah tells us V'iyisem nkiyim M'hashem V'yisroel, and therefore one is required to clear ones name. Since the defamation took place via the internet and on a broad scale, the clearing of ones good name must also be publicized by a site that will be fair to those defamed and exonerated.

CI:  Did COL Shturem and publicize the DA's dismissal of the criminal charges against Thaler?
YK: No

CI:   Did any of them say why?
YK:  Yes

YK:  In some cases it is not the individual reporters that are interested in besmirching particular people, but the 'executives' of the websites, who have venomous policies. These 3 websites are also very selective in the type of character assassinations they engage in.  When all the leaders of Tzach in Eretz Yisroel were recently arrested for a serious crime against the Israeli Govt, none of the 3 websites carried the story. The so called Meschichist movement could have publicized the details of the Tzach incident as well as the recent London incident on Chabad.Info, but this is obviously antithetical to the ways of the Torah. I find it more than puzzling that Rabbonim in CH and Kfar Chabad have not even publicly rebuked these poisonous websites, let alone place a Cherem on their publishers.
CI: So the purpose of this interview is to clear the names of those that were defamed.
YK:  Correct

CI: What was your first reaction to the news publicized by the 3 websites?
YK: Initially I was disturbed, but life has taught me that one should never rely on talebearers. I spoke to my Mechutan, Yosef Yitzchak Pinson who is in my opinion a very refined Chossid. His description was most disturbing and puzzling, until I was shown videos and pictures of the Tomim YY Kupchik, lying unconscious just outside 770 on the Rebbes driveway.  He had been severely beaten inside 770 at 1:00am by 3 young Lubavitchers, and then knocked unconscious with a walkie talkie. Hatzolo took Yosef Yitzchak Kupchik to the hospital, after reviving him 6 minutes after they arrived. This was the turning point in my investigation. 
CI: What was the significance of the Kupchik assault?
YK:  Well as mentioned earlier, the Internet sites,, COL and Shturem had painted a picture of an unprovoked attack at approximately 3:30am by 'wild' bochurim from Eretz Yisroel against Shluchim farbrenging with Avrahom Shemtov. However those Internet sites made no mention whatsoever of the earlier very serious incident at 1:00am in which Kupchik was nearly murdered. This incident led me to locate more videos and pictures of even earlier incidents, which took place 3 hours before the alleged throwing of seforim etc. These incidents were also not reported by these Internet sites.

CI: When did the first incident happen?
YK: One significant video shows the clock on the 770 wall at 12:35am, when the Shliach of Chicago Daniel Moscowitz is seen provoking the Tmimim. A female eye witness later verified the fact that the bochurim from Eretz Yisroel had been continuously provoked and assaulted at the beginning of the evening and hours before the seforim incident. The Moscowitz video clip shows Moscowitz, standing on the table of the T'mimim, who can be seen in the middle of a shiur in Sichos. Moscowitz is seen trampling on their seforim, kicking their plates of food for about 5 minutes. Pictures and videos prove conclusively that the Tmimim did not retaliate at all, continuing to learn as Moscowitz tried to provoke them. Moscowitz was on the table for over 5 minutes.
CI: After receiving and reviewing the videos what did you do?
YK: I interviewed T'mimim who could be seen in the videos seated at the Tmimim's table on which Moscowitz stood. Each Tomim was interviewed on his own, having no knowledge of any other Tomim's testimony. Every Tomim related to me evidence that corroborated the story of the other Tmimim at the table. I then was advised of a group called the Shomrim who had appeared with Walkie talkies at just after midnight. Many Tmimim testified that this group was running around telling the Tmimim that they were going to kill someone tonight. At this stage, I began to feel very sad that Lubavitchers could harbor such hatred that would lead to threatening to kill fellow Anash. These Shomrim carried out their threat at 1:00am beating a Tomim YY Kupchik over the head with a walkie talkie!
My further investigations proved beyond any doubt that the Shomrim did not come to 770 on their own, and that their actions were the result of a premeditated and concerted effort by those that claim to be leaders of Merkos and Aguch.

CI: Were you surprised to discover this?
YK:  I must be frank and say that I was not surprised, because those that claim to head Merkos and Aguch were in the middle of a legal case in the Gentile Court as plaintiffs against 3 bochurim and the Gabboim of 770 (without first summonsing the boys to Din Torah or Zablo).  This case led to the case to eject the Gabboim and the Congregation itself. After discovering the Moscowitz and Shomrim
provocations and the near murder of Kupchik, it became obvious to me,  that an organized altercation in 770  was pre- planned to help influence Judge Harkavy that 770 needs to be placed in the hands of Merkos and Aguch 'leaders' . I felt embarrassed and upset for the Rebbe, that 70 year old men, who claim to be leaders of the Lubavitch movement, would influence and hide behind young, violent Lubavitchers to provoke and nearly murder a fellow Lubavitcher opposite the Rebbe's bimo. All in the name of heaven and the honor of Lubavitch.
CI: Did you investigate the Kupchik incident further?
YK: I spent 2 weeks in total working 20-22 hours a day speaking to eye witnesses whilst the night was still fresh in their minds. My report can be found at:
The full article also includes the audio testimony of the most defining eye-witness, a lady who came forth and agreed to be interviewed by me. She had been in the womens gallery from 12:30am, just when the Shluchim began arriving from the banquet. She remained in the Ezras Noshim till 6:00am. She had a birds eye view of the entire night and her long testimony resolved the contradictory reports that I had received. She was the only person that had a view of the entire Shul.  I also then re-questioned my Mechutan, who confirmed that he had no idea about the Moscowitz provocations and the Kupchik assault, nor did he see the Shomrim. My Mechutan and others had a very limited view from where they were sitting. Many Shluchim did not arrive till after these earlier incidents occurred and had no idea of the provocations. That is why they did not see the Moscowitz provocation at 12:30am, the brutal attack on Kupchik that occurred at 1:00am by Shlomo Klein, Levi Weiss and Nussi Slater. Nor were they aware of other attacks by the Shomrim or the various attempts by Melech Thaler and Shneer Kupchik to ensure that the Tmimim did not allow themselves to be provoked. My very detailed investigation left me in no doubt as to how each incident unfolded. I was eventually able to pin point within 5 minutes as to what happened over the entire night. 

CI: But there are Shluchim who will paint quite a different story
YK: Yes and I do not question the sincerity of some of them. But what they are missing is full knowledge of what happened step by step. They only saw a small part of what happened. That is why Rabbonim are warned about Chakirah and Drishah, and to judge in a deliberate manner.
CI: But Melech Thaler was arrested?
YK: Yes and this began a 14 month ordeal, which concluded with the DA dropping all charges against Melech. We were able to have the charges against the other 2 boys dropped somewhat earlier.

CI: Why did it take 14 months for the Thaler case?
YK: It would be too difficult for me to describe the process in detail, but I will summarize it to the best of my ability. Allow me first to describe the way the Police and the DA dealt with the Kupchik attackers. After a few weeks Shlomo Klein (son of Moishe Klein) was arrested and charged with assaulting Kupchik. Levi Weiss, son of Chaim Weiss of Union St, Slater who works at Apple drug store, were also arrested for the same assault. Weiss and Slater were released by the local Police with Desk Appearance Tickets ( DAT ) without being sent to the central lock up, whereas Thaler was sent to the central lock up, where he remained till the next day.
The DA told me that it was most unusual that the police should give DAT's for such a  violent assault. The DA promised to investigate the unusual freeing of the attackers, but in fact did not get back to me. It soon became obvious from other later inexplicable 'procedural irregularities' in the DA's office itself, that the DA was being influenced to do favors. Later I was able to conclusively prove that a Lubavitcher woman, who works in the legal system, was assisting Klein, Weis and Slater's to obtain favorable treatment, whereas ensuring Thaler's prolonged investigation. This was in spite of the fact that the DA told me that the witnesses against Klein, Weiss and Slater was so corroborative that he did not require any more witnesses. Yet the same DA said about Thalers case last May, that due to the very detailed and corroborative testimonies, he felt inclined to drop the charges against Thaler. The DA however only dismissed the case in October, after we exposed them. From October 2007 the DA acceded to requests from the female Lubavitcher mentioned above, and refused the request of Thalers lawyer to make the dismissal official, until 31 January 2008, when the presiding judge ordered the DA to appear before him.
CI:  Why could be the motivation of this Lubavitcher woman?
YK:  I believe she is a vulnerable person. Her actions remind me somewhat of the Kapos in the Camps. Except in this case, her directions came from leaders of Lubavitch.
CI:   Do you see your efforts having any influence on the bigger picture, namely the attempt by Krinsky and Shemtov, to eject whomever they want from  770?
YK:   Yes. In the Thaler civil case we will prove that the provocations on the night of the Kinnus  was a premeditated set up,  to trigger a gentile court action rather than going to Din Torah about 770. Krinsky and Shemtov remember the Sicho Parshas Shkolim 5747, where the Rebbe explicitly designates the Rabbonim of the Kehillah as the decision makers regarding any question that may arise regarding the 770 Shul. That is why they went to the gentile court. This is the same reason why Krinsky and Shemtov refused to appear before Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Marlow in 1995 regarding the Will. 
CI:     During your investigation did you see any ray of hope?
YK:   Yes. There were two individuals who are identified with Krinsky and Shemtov, who approached me on their own. One of them expressed remorse for being one of those tearing down a Yechi sign, and the second  went further and gave detailed testimony as to what transpired. He explicitly exonerated Melech from any wrong doing on the night of the Kinnus. It is my fervent hope that many more Lubavitchers will have remorse about the sinas chinam, and with Ahavas Achim we can precipitate the Geulo Haamitis Vehashlaima and Hisgalus Rebbe Hamoshiach.

1. to yankel machlokespolsky
(to chabad info, most of the things ill say u dont agree with but to be objective, please publish my comment)

To Reb Yankel,
Are you out for wat the rebbe mhm shilo really wants ACHDUS, or your own agendas.

Why do you feel it neccessary to defend people who bring violence to the rebbe mhm shilos shul?

even poeple who dont like 'shemtov and krinsky' think that this guy if he was guitly of viollence doesnt belong in 770!

Respondeat Superior
Just to be clear about some legal issues that our Australian friend mentions (in his understandable ignorance of American law and procedure).

A.) A judge can have many reasons for dropping a criminal case. The simplest reason is that it does not appear that there will be enough evidence to convict the Defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. Dropping a case is not evidence that the judge though Thaler was innocent. Only that he could not be proven guilty.

B.) There is a lot of maligning going on here, and I wonder if it is l'toeles. Regardless of the halacha, the conjecture, and the guesswork (especially with respect to the accusations of corruption in the DA's office) are close to (and may be) libelous. But at the very least, they are misinformed. Prosecutors rarely drop their cases if they think they can make a case against the accused. There are plenty of witnesses (though they may be lying... that is not for me to decide) who would be willing to say that Thaler did everything he was accused of. So there is no good reason for them to drop the case. It doesn't prove corruption.

C.) The DA's office is not required to bring charges against every potential offender (though it is a wonder that this Jew here was actively promoting the arrest and prosecution of another Jew, anti-Mishichist though he may be). If, after doing its own investigation, they decide that there is enough evidence to support a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and if there is no compelling reason not to bring charges, then charges may be brought. Some anonymous "female Lubavitcher" working in the DA's office can hardly hold up the train, so-to-speak, unless she's very high up (and if so, then her actions are subject to extra scrutiny, and it is unlikely that she would be able to get away with an act that is as obviously corrupt as the one alleged above if she was a higher up).

D.) It isn't a legal matter, but I frankly I'm offended, and anyone else reading this should be offended, at the comparison between this Jewish woman and "the Kapos in the camps."

E.) It isn't necessary to be put in the central lockup for every arrest. Arrests made in the middle of the night will probably result in a trip to the lockup. An arrest made during the middle of the day, not at the scene of the crime, but rather after some investigation, may well just mean a trip to the police station, some questioning, and a court date. It depends on the jurisdiction, and on the policies in the jurisdiction (and, admittedly, I don't know anything about how Brooklyn does these things. This fellow from Australia seems to be a bakki in criminal procedure. But I'll suggest that he may be mistaken in this case).

E.) I don't know what you mean when you say that the DA promised to investigate the unusual freeing of the alleged attackers. But I don't see why that would be their job if the alleged attackers were released by the local police.

Why this matter keeps on being published, and spoken of, I do not know. Airing our dirty laundry to the world is not going to bring Moshiach.

3. Respondent
Yankel Koncepolski
"Why do you feel it neccessary to defend people who bring violence to the Rebbe mhm shilos shul?"

I am not defending those who bring violence to the Rebbe's Shul. On the contrary it is YOU and the Lubavitcher woman who defends Shlomo klein, Nussi Slater and Levi
Weiss for beating Kupchik unconscious in front of the Rebbe's Bimo with a walkie talkie, Daniel Moscowitz for extreme provocation and more importantly Sholom Wilhelm for arranging for the "Shomrim" to create the violence on the night.

When I showed my entire investigation to the Rosh Hayeshiva in 770, he quickly changed his tune about who did what that night.

hose that wish to criticze my report should mention their name instead of hiding behind annonymous names and generalizations.

4. No surprise
Dovid Hamelech
(10) "For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, "They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways." (11) So I vowed in my anger that they would not enter my resting place.
: , :


For my people has committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the Source of living waters, to dig for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold the water. (Yeremiah 2:13)

I.e. Israels actions involve a double indignity: the abandonment of Hashem Per se, and the choice of such an inferior substitute.

I ask...

Why would anybody try to excuse/help/bail/synthesize/ and align them self with this group of thugs/terrorist/hoodlums and bullies etc?
What is the Agenda?
Why are we letting them take Our Rebbe, OUR Community, OUR Home and OUR Children Hostage?
Why is it that every time someone does finally take action (whether it be Aguch or Shomrim or Just any body) agents these thugs/Terrorist/Hoodlums/Bullies it ends up that they are the ones defending themselves?

[Side note: if anybody out there thinks that what goes on in 770 (with the Tzvatim) has nothing to do with them is making a big mistake, there goal is to get in to your living room.]

As I write this there are people (for example: Shemira- Yossi Stern- Yankle Shpritzer/Yankel Koncepolski) that Say they care about this community, these same people are doing all they can to get OUR dear Shomrim who give tooth and nail, Day and night for Our community Locket up in jail. Why arent they siding with Use (the community), why are they not siding with OUR Future, Why do they keep voting to destroy OUR community and any thing good in it? [Side note: I would like to point out that the shimera in the past and present have had there problems with these same Tzvatim. Why are they now siding with them, have they seen the light or do they have an agenda?]

6. I hear
Ditan notach
I hear Aguch is planning to turn 770 in to a museum,
They will make it a place were people can come and see what went on back in the days..
I hear they are going to put up all different types of signs,
I also hear that they are going to make a Shivile at the times the Rebbe would come Daven. I also hear they will make a mock Farbrengen on Shabbos (and some times during the week were the Rebbe davvens) with the whole nine yard saying lchaim to a chair etc I even hear that they might give out Dolores on Sundays.
Anybody that does not like what they are doing will simply get beaten up.

If they do these thinks it will be the biggest Chillol Lubavitch ever, How can we let them make a joke out of the Rebbe, WE MUST STOP THEM (before it really gets bad)!!!

Ive come to realize over the years that the Mishichisim relay so much on people being stupid. Always giving misinformation, saying lies as if they are facts of life. If you g-d forbid proofs them wrong they will accuse you of purveying hatred, bigotry and of being stupid, small minded this is a common tactic etc (Instructive lesson in bully-boy tactics). They will say anything but address the issue. When the going gets thought they all of a sudden become a seeker of peace.

No name
Why a normal person does not put his real name...


Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you too become like him.

for he who wrestles with a filthy person is bound to become soiled himself.

9. Thank You Yankel
Rabbi S. Cohen
Your work is very much appreciated, it's very refreshing to see someone actually examine the facts, instead of blindly following Krinsky & Co. May Hashem bentch you with the koichos to continue your tremendous work!

You dont realize that all you are doing is allienating real chassidim and 'meshichtim'.

There are many people who are 'yechiniks' and are against the likes of thaler and tzvatis and co. So when you go and defent these terrorists al you have done is add legitimacy to the shmetov and co.

BE SMART! What you are doing is silly because nobody will believe you or take you seriously. This Al Derech (lehavdil) a 'moderate' palestinian trying to make amends so to speak with Israel. so he tries to talk about the 'palestinian cause' but at the same time defends the suicide bombers!!

But maybe in the Nimshal 'amends' are not an option? YankelI TitorerI the Rebbe Mhm shilo wants achdus!

This is no way to fight or defend our cause, the cause of moshiach!

Only achdus will bring the rebbe mhm shilo!

11. CP
Thank you Yankel
Kol hakovod to Yankel for spending countless hours in effort to vindicate innocent bochurim.

The charges were based on the following:
K&S and Co. headed by Yisroel S. have compiled a handful of fabricated affidavits from 'prominent' shluchim who testify that "we was Thaler throw a glass bottle" an utter lie for Thaler was not at that part of 770 when the bottle was thrown.

Bring the shomrim to justice!

Shomrim need an authority to answer to, since they have chosen not to appear for a din torah with the Rebbe's Rabbonim, a psak was handed that they should be taken to the goyishe legal system, a bureaucracy that they cannot avoid.

Thank you Yankel for bringing the truth out.
Vhisboreru vyislabnu...
Again yashe koach godol!

12. Don't just make statments
"a psak was handed that they should be taken to the goyishe legal system, a bureaucracy that they cannot avoid."

If your going to make such a statment, please show use the psak!
Who, what and when?
Were not all stupit!

someone who knows
yankel if youre smart i wouldnt get involved. the only people that want thaler back is a few of his screwed up friends. the less of these type of people around the less violence. i was there that night and thaler is definitly an inciter of others and his own crowd. dont waste your time yankel doing things 99.9% of lubavitch doesnt want.\\

14. two faced
I get along with Meshichistim and with those that are not.
I do not get along with liars and hypocrits of all persuasions.
Everyone in CH knows who the Shomrim are and who takes advantage of these troubled youth. Maybe you are defending the Shomrim for those outside of CH.
We did not for get what the shomrim did in 749. They sent 4 T'mimim to the hospital and had 2 of them arrested to cover up their own criminal activities.
Everyone in CH knows the shomrim's connection to the police and therefore the 2 T'mimim were arrested immediately on their say so, while they, including the hoodlum, sholom wilhelm, were arrested days later because the police had no time to get involved.

You hypocrits ask wher is the P'sak din to have the shomrim arrested?

Where was the P'sak din to have the T'mimim arrested?
Where was the P'sak din to have Thaler framed, to have Hurwitz framed to have Caplin framed?

When did you hypocrits ask krinsky and abraham shemtov where they got a p'sak din to go to civil court?
Why didn't you ask why these 2 "thugs" refused, since 1995, to appear in front of the Bais Din?

You malign Thaler and Koncepolski but you produce no proof.

What seems to bother you about Koncepolski is that his report is well substatiated.

Why did none of the "other" ("Sitra Acher") websites show one picture, one video of Thaler doing anything wrong? For sure because it doesn't exist.

Why is Koncepolski's report so thorough, and not the "others"?

Why does Koncepolski's report show that even some T'mimim were involved in violence, if he was one-sided?

The "other" sites were full of hate and disgust, with the clear purpose of maligning.

The people in CH are surely indebted to Koncepolski for opening their eyes.

I am also glad that you hypocrits are reading Chabad.Info, maybe some "K'du-sha" from some of the articles will penetrate you thick skulls (skullheads) and will stop your hate and divisiveness.

My greatest respect to English for bringing this interview. You have been very effective by the shouts of "ouch" of the HYPOCRITS and the shomrim.

We, in Ch , have to rid ourselves of the shomrim and this hypocrisy.

You too Heshkop, your connection with the police and your garage are numbered!

15. email address
Is there an email address to contact Reb Yankel?

16. video
Where can I find the video of Moscowitz provoking the bochurim?



To comment #5,

Shomrim doesn't do a think for our community, they almost never catch any criminals, Shmira is the group that fights crime, Shomrim only fights other Lubavitchers while Shmira takes care of the shvartzes, type in the word Shmira on the search bar on & you will see all the good stuff that Shmira does for CH!

19. Sad & Mad
CH Resident
Shomrim needs to be put in Cheyrim they are the real terrorists who every single day terrorize the residents & bocherim in Crown Heights, shomrim goes to every single car crash because after the crash they bring the car(s) that got damaged to their auto shop & since shomrim goes to every single car crash & fire they never have time to go to any crimes but the problem is shomrim gives their number out so people who got mugged assaulted etc & they said that very little members came when they called because the members are always by fires & car crash, and I have spoken to many people who called Shmira(much more people call Shmira than shomrim, because Shmira is much better)and a bunch of Shmira members responded to their calls, also shomrim beats up bocherim just because they hold that the Rebbe is Moshiach by 749 Eastern Parkway last month Shomrim had no right to enter the Building & they busted the door open & beat up any bocher who was wearing a Yechi Yarlmuka, and by Simchas Beis Hashoavia this year in Crown Heights Shomrim assaulted bocherim because they were holding a Moshiach flag, Can some Rabbonim please put a Chayrim on these Shomrim.


To post 19, I totally agree with you we need Shomrim to be placed into Chierem, CH SHOMRIM ARE MURDERERS!

21. Shmira & Shomrim

For those who care to know Crown Heights Shmira was the first volunteer Jewish Security organization Brooklyn ever had, when people hear about the horor that Crown Heights Shomrim did and sadly still does to the Crown Heights Jews they get vet confused they think of Boro Park, Flatbush & Willimsburg Shomrim & they say those Shomrim are good yes they are correct the other communitys in brooklyn have shomrim but their shomrim is good, but Crown Heights Shomrim is very bad, CH Shomrim are blood thirst animals who want to shed the blood of Lubavitchers who are Mishachistim, we need to get rid of CH Shomrim for once & for all, we had enough,
Crown Heights Shomrim is a splinter group about one third the size of Shmira, it was created about six years ago when the majority of Shmira members voted against an angry few, Shmira is very effective in CH and has arrested any serial burglar and attackers the area has had, as a matter of fact NYPD advises ppl to call Shmira if they want results.

Shmira is not fighting CH Shomrim at all, not even in the slightest bit, if you monitor the Shmira Radio you would not ever hear a negative comment about CH Shomrim,

I can tell you that is NOT the case if you monitor CH Shomrim radio. Many attempts were made by Shmira coordinators thru family members of CH Shomrim and thru community leaders to the ppl running CH Shomrim to sit together with Shmira to work out any six year old issues they might still have not forgotten, just for the benefit of the community, but they have steadfastly refused, so that is where it stands.

CH Shmira will continue to stand strong and do its hard work until the final Geulah!

Crown Heights Shmira 718-221-0303

Oy Vey look what's happening!
When the Shomrim leaders got called to a Beis Din they did not go, Shomrim is Rishoim they are Kapos, they Moiser on Yidden, they are worse than Goyim, Shomrim should not be allowed to be counted in a Minyan(Actually most Shomrim members don't daven), also what shomrim does is they take innocent Teenagers who are out of yeshiva & they get them to join shomrim & then they Brainwash the teens to hate Mishachistim & that is why the three Shomrim Members who Assaulted Kupchik did it, they got Brainwashed by the shomrim leaders,Crown Heights Shmira takes the teens & men in CH and gets them to catch criminals in CH, Shmira catches so many Shvaritzes if somebody want's to help Crown Heights get rid of Crime they should join Crown Heights Shmira just call Shmira at 718-221-0303 to join,

23. shomrim
go shomrim
If u call shmira instead of shomrim sorry its your loss! I had experiences calling both and I have to say shmira was outdone bigtime it looks like they could open up a kindergarten! But since is not "biased" so they only bash shomrim and everything shmira does is "holy". You guys can continue to hate etc..


I Always see all the Shmira Patrol Cars going around our Shchuna to patrol, and I saw over the past few years a couple of calls that shmira responded to, Shmira is the real group & Shmira is the best group, as for shomrim they never patrol our streets all shomrim does is write lies on it's actually better that shomrim doesn't patrol because all shomrim will do is start a fight at 770 or 749!


Is this on the Hebrew section on

Somebody who Knows!
Comment #23 was written for sure by a Shomrim member, because there is not even enough Shomrim members to respond to a normal call, how in the world can shomrim respond as a good responce if there is less than 3 members who respond(Except when they get the call to Beat Up Bocherim who say Yechi then the entire Shomrim responds)but Shomrim has no members while Shmira has now over 115 members & every week about 2 more people join Shmira!


I love Shmira when I got punched & robbed a bocher near me dialed Shmira, less than 20 seconds after Shmira Unit's were already there to help me, also some Shmira unit's helped me because they are also EMT's so they treated me till Hatzolah came, and other Shmira unit's chased my attacker and caught him a few blocks away, and now that goy who attacked me is in prisen all thanks to the Shmira unit's, by calling Shmira really saved me, Shmira's number is 1-718-221-0303 save Shmira's number in case U need it if you get attacked, Shmira helped me they can help U 2

28. Meshichisim B"H
boruch hoffinger
There is absolutely NO proof that saying 'Yechi' harms Lubavitch in any way.
I used to daven in Khal Chassidm (Carroll and Schenectady) and a particular rabbi would declare, at davening's end, when 'Yehci' was declared: "Schlach refuah shelaimi le kol Amei Yisroel."
He told me it causes damage to Chabad; that's why he says it.
This is ABSOLUTELY untrue! Every Chabadnick and hones non, knows the Rebbe, MH"M is Moshiach.
The fact that we're divided on saying it is what causes others to think we're 'strange' or 'crazy.'
Who was the biggest 'Meschicist?' The Rebbe!
It then appears that those who don't say 'Yechi' believe that (Chas VeShal-m) The Rebbe, didn't know what he was doing (Some say this!)'
They think the Rebbe wasn't a prophet!
They think they're smarter.
It's all money and power and nothinig to do with Kedusha. Plus they're misleading other Jews.
Busha V'Herpa!
Boruch ben Tzvi (A"H) Hakohaine Hoffinger

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