Rabbi Perlstein: The Rebbe is Moshiach
In a rare but beautiful moment, Rabbi Moshe Perlstein of the Chicago Mesivta joined the Bochurim of Ohr Menachem Crown Heights at their Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen. Full story, Photos
By Dovid Samson, Chabad Info
4 Tamuz 5770 (16.06.2010)
The boys first got to know the rabbi during their visit to Chicago two weeks ago.

A spontaneous Farbrengen at Rabbi Moshe Perlstein's house was arranged by their Shliach Yossi Teleshevsky.

Despite what some called "irreparable theological differences", Rabbi Perlstein Farbrenged for the boys whom he described as learned and well-behaved Bochurim.

Addressing the assumptions of Chabad's split, Rabbi Perlstein said that we need to focus more on what brings us together than what sets us apart.

His instant liking for the Bochurim triggered the idea that he should speak to them when he comes for Gimmel Tammuz.

Arrangements were made, and the rabbi spent a few hours with the Bochurim at the Popper home. He spoke of the Rebbe, at one point remarking, "the Rebbe is undoubdtedly Moshiach..."

To substantiate these beliefs, Rabbi Perlstein encouraged learning the Sichos of 1991 and 1992 when the Rebbe most notedly articulated this ideology.

In attendance were members of the Ohr Menachem faculty including Rabbi Arik Raskin, Rabbi Mendel Scharf, Rabbi Moshe Sosover and others. In addition to the school's Shluchim, Yossi Teleshevsky, Shua Korenblit and Yossi Greenberg and the host Rabbi Oren Popper.

1. Sorry for my spelling

I was ther and I dont remeber him sayeng that the Rebbe is Moshiach. it could be that he said it at the begineng and if thats the case it soes not mean anything becouse then he was saying stuff to make arreck raskin happy

About the 1991-1992 sichus I heard him saying and he said it when we were arguing about the ohle and yechi



3. #1

i don't get what your saying?

he said that the Rebbe is moshiach to make someone happy???...

4. #1

ok, but he still said that..

5. Rabbi Perelstien!

a very god mechanech!


ok, i guess we can now send our kids to the chicago yeshiva..

7. Vus macht men zich naarish?
Gershon Eliyahu
It may be true that he said it. Many (most?) of the extreme "linkeh" believe that the Rebbi is Moshiach. If so, vus machen zei zich naarish? Say it openly, not just as a passing remark at a private farbrengen. Even if they don't want to print it in a full page ad in the NY Times, saying Yechi once in a while (or whatever nussach that means the same thing) will get rid of some of their yeshus and do their neshamos a great deal of good. Just my opinion.

8. ?

let's see if he would accept someone who says moshiach is the rebbe!


Please send this too Collive

10. how come there is no mention of rabbi greenberg???
a.d. c.


I know Rabbi Perlstein, deep down he always knew that the Rebbe is moshiach, i guess he's just a bit afraid saying it openly, especially living in Chicago.. I guess that when he went to Farbreng with 'Or Menachm' and saw what chassiedshe bachurim they are, he felt he can not hide any longer.

The main thing is that he agreed to farbreng, that he gave of his time on 3 Tammuz, and that yes we have more that we agree on than not. Don't make it what it isn't but emphasize the good!

13. to 12

you right that its very nice of him to give up his time on gimmel Tammuz but we still have to say the truth

14. coming from gimel tamuz...

instead of focusing on the obvious positiveness of this article; half of the commenters managed to find and focus in on negativity. They come across as immature.

You guys are embarrassing the entire 'yechi' camp, (of which I'm a member) AND the Rebbe!!!


if you don't believe the rebbe is moshiach will you still get into olam habah??

16. what is the big deal?

You would be hard pressed to find a lubavitcher who does not believe the Rebbe is mashioch the only debate is whether we should publisize it

# 17
to # 15, YES

levi B

19. #1
levi Borevitz
I was there and I heard him say that the Rebbe is Moshiach

20. to 18
levi katzenelinboiginmacherberg

we all agree

21. A nice article,.....

.....ruined by some of the comments

22. I was there

This what he said "i bleive that Mosiach is in the Ohel Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha" - with a big lagh

23. to#22 and#1

he said "we all agree that the rebbe is mosiach with out joking.



nice article

i just now told my brother that the rebbe is moshiach. do i get an article?

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