Gaboim: R Osdoba's Directives Inexecutable
On Friday proceeding will continue in the case in which Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky requested an order for the complete and immediate vacation of the Gaboim and congregation from the main synagogue in 770. Rabbi Avraham Osdoba sent out a letter ordering the newly elected Gaboim to do something they can't, while ignoring his obligation to have his letters approved by his colleague Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Schwei. Full story
By Dovid Samson, Chabad Info
6 Tamuz 5770 (18.06.2010)
Tomorrow (Friday), proceeding will continue in the case opened by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky on behalf of Agudas Chassidei Chabad and Merkos Linyonei Chinuch, in which Krinsky has requested an order for the complete and immediate vacation of the Gaboim and congregation from the main synagogue in 770.
After the Appeals Court judges ruled that only elected Gaboim have the authority to manage the Shul, the plaintiffs turned to the court with two other claims, through which they again asked for the evacuation order.
The first panel will determine whether there is any reason to open another trial or to simply reject the claim and to uphold the previous ruling of the Court of Appeals, thus putting an end to the ongoing legal saga.
Today (Thursday), a letter signed by the Mara Dasra and member of the Beis Din Rabbi Avraham Osdoba was released, calling on the newly elected Gaboim to withdraw from the court hearing. Rabbi Osdoba says that the new Gaboim must follow the banner under which they campaigned, which gained them the majority's trust.
Difficulties were raised with regard to the rabbis letter, given that the Gaboim never filed a claim. They have been in court as defendants who were brought there by their opposition that wishes to oust them and the synagogue from the building.
This fact has been established many times, and is evident from the court documents, clearly outlining who is who in the case.
Based on this discrepancy between the factual details and the rabbis letter, the Gaboim say that to comply with Rabbi Osdobas letter is in simple terms, not their choice.
It is impossible to withdraw from a case we were dragged into, a close associate of the Gaboim told Chabad Info.
Whats more, the Gaboim have previously requested from the judge to order the cessation of court hearings and to transfer the talks to the Crown Heights Beis Din. The prosecution, led by Rabbi Krinsky, refused and the court accepted their position.
Rabbi Osdobas failure to demand a full withdrawal from the claimants has gone unexplained to the Gaboim and their affiliates.
What's more mind-boggling issue is the seeming lack of adherence to the ruling of Rabbi Abraham Rosenbergs Beis Din (paragraph 16) which clearly states that since there are two practicing rabbis, no ruling is enforced that was not reached by an agreement of both senior members of the Beis Din; namely Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Schwei and Rabbi Avraham Osdoba.
Chabad Info learned from a mediator between the two parties that one of the most outspoken activists on the Osdoba Camp allegedly struck a deal with Rabbi Krinsky and his cohorts. He was offering to assist in the transfer of authority of 770 into their hands if they vote and encourage other to vote for his candidates for both Vaad Hakohol and 770 Gaboim.
Rumors surrounding the case are mounting, however the Gaboim remain faithful to their cause and trust that with the publics prayer, the non-Jewish judge will see to it that the Rebbes Shul be managed in the way the Rebbe himself so desires.

The request to include the Gaboim and the entire synagogue of Agudas Chasidei Chabad in the eviction order

Paragraph 16 of the Psak Din of the Zablo Beis Din, led by Rabbi Abraham Rosenberg

1. Can't this already stop?
Katzman is a very dangerous individual. Many people were duped to vote for "fresh new faces", "a new crown hight", a new beginning etc. when in fact there were secret back-room deals made between Katzman and Krinsky and company to use US, the innocent people wanting to finaly see some peace in the Rebbe's shchuna, they are using our innocence against us, only to further their purely political, and power-grabbing agenda!

shame on the matzav caused by Katzman and company!

2. Ad Mosay?
who gave Rabbi Osdobo shlit"o the power to drastically alter the landscape in the Rebbe's Shchuna?

he was elected as ONE ROV, part of a 3 Rov beis din, he can give his halachic opinion publicly ONLY if it concurs with the majority of the Beis Din!

I think that this is how the problem with the Rabbonim began in Crown heights: After the passing of Rabbi Y.K. Marlow, Rabbi Osdobo concluded that he is the SOLE Rov of Crown Hights and therefore it is his opinion alone that counts. he seems to refuse to share that power with ANYONE. yes, he would like Rabbinic assistants and interns, but to work at his direction....

Rabbi Rosenberg's Psak clearly stated that non of the 2 Rabbonim should take unilateral steps. does this conform with the Psak?

3. It's a political ploy
My opinion is that this is a simple political ploy/scheme:

Rabbi Osdobo knows full well that the Gaboim wont do this. He is posturing and positioning himself for the next elections for a 3rd Rov. He wants to align himself with the Krinsky-Shemtov crowd so that they will vote for his nominee as 3rd rov.

I sure hope that someone in this community can recruit a candidate for rov that is TOTALLY neutral in the Osdobo/Shwei war. We need to turn a page away from this, not dig ourselves deeper into this hole.

Crown Heights residents: PLEASE dont vote for PARTISAN candidates for Rov! Lets finally get a new, neutral voice that will not blindly/politically side with one rov.

4. Is this the will of the voters?
Moshiach Now!!!
Its very interesting how in politics, things get very twisted. Do you believe that all the voters for Gerlitzky, Holtzberg and Losh want 770 given over to Krinsky???

Did you see the representatives of Rabbi Osdobo on the election board? ALL of them had big Yechi on their Yarmulkes! MOST of his supporters are Mishichistim!

They blindly thought that they are following the Rebbes Rov. Now it seems they were also following a very shrewd, conniving, POLITICAL agenda and group lead by Katzman

5. what is wrong with you
This is not a psak, this is an 'Eitzah'!

Just READ, that's all you need to do is READ the letter.

6. Insanity

This is completely insane, Ad Mosai! Yechi Hamelech Leolam!

7. I Was Fooled....
Wow, It seems like the Katzman clan took a page right out of the playbook of Barack Hussain Obama.

When you have a general population that is fed up with the status quo, not happy with the current situation, you campaign for Hope, Change fresh new faces, a new Crown Heights, new blood, Clean slate and the like.

Once you win, you turn around and claim that the voters gave you a mandate to make radical changes to the way of life of our society.

This is exactly what the Katzman clan did, they campaigned for a fresh, new beginning, while slyly, behind closed doors striking all sorts of back-room dirty deals ones that had the voters been aware of them they would NEVER EVER in their right mind vote for these candidates

I must shamefully admit: I WAS DUPED :(

shmuel dovid
first of all rabbi osdoba was there way befor everyone else he is the av bais din shwai is supostu be working for him he came in after rabbi marlow a"h passed away there for rabbi osdoba dose not need to ask shwai to sign his letters shwai has no say in the matter

9. Who went to court?

The content of this letter is absurd, and Im sure that Rabbi Osdobo had absolutely NO intention that this letter will be followed. It is just that he is attempting to politically position himself for the elections for a 3rd Rov. He is trying to play into the politics of a certain group so that they will come out en mass (some of whom have boycotted the elections even when the Rebbe gave a dolor for each voter!) to vote for his pick.

For the record: the gaboim NEVER took Krinsky or Shemtov to court!!! And they cant take it out of court short of totally capitulating and giving everything up.

Its like a landlord taking a tenant to court to evict him; the Rov comes along and asks the TENANT to take it out of court. Is there something more laughable then this?

A Gut Shabbos!

I cant believe that they pulled the wool over my and my friends faces. We voted for the EXACT opposite. It seems like these individuals Katsman and co. are determined to perpetuate the Machlokes Rl.

Had this position been made clear 1 day before the elections, Im sure that several hundred voters wouldnt have supported the new crown heights group

I feel like those who voted for Obama because they wanted a breath of fresh air and young blood, but were utterly shocked when they learned about his real (hidden) agenda Katzman, you did a fabulous job in fooling a whole group of people shame on us for going like sheep

isnt the psak din talking about that one cant make a psak din with out the other and this isnt a psak that they cant go to goyish cort wich is aganst halach and aganst the rebbe but rather it is al eter asking the gaboim not to go to court

12. To 8

In Rabbi roseborgs Psak it says clearly that both Rabbunim have the same power and if they want to come out with a letter they need echother to sign AND AGREE so to come up with you stuoid ideas of Rabbi Osbada being av Bais din

P.S. I shouldent be telling you this becouse said what I said in this article so next time befure posting a comment read the article

13. To 5 the Am Hoarets

When a Rov tell's you to do somthing and espsoily when he says to take somthing out of court he is not giving an Eitzah he is giving you a Psak and you must listen to it.

But in this case the Rov gave a Psak wich he was not allowed so the Psak is not valid

P.S. accurdeng to what you are saying the Psak that Rosenborg gave is not a Psak its a Letter

14. enough
Enough with all the politics. This is
only distracting the community from
staying focused with the m

15. admosai
Enough with all the distracting politics.
Our GOAL IS and SHOULD BE to bring Moshiach immediately!!!
Notice how after every WAKEUP CALL there
is another distraction. Lets focus on bringing the Geulah and make it happen NOW!!!

16. You know you're wrong

Why did you remove Rabbi Osdoboh's letter?

You don't want people to see what it says, you want to be able to lie!

17. Comprehension

You people need to get basic comprehension skills instead of trying to create new unnecessary friction between the Rabbonim. Rabbi Osdoba didn't say to give in to Krinsky and withdraw. He said to try and postpone the case being that the are newly elected gabboim etc. and in the meantime maybe there will be a chance to deal with it out of court in a zablo. I don't understand why doesn't report it that way as that would be a sensible thing to do to try and keep 770 out of Krinsky's hands.

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