Setting the Record Straight: Merkos is Whose?
Much criticism was directed at the recent announcement by some Chabad leaders that participants of their rival forums will forfeit their financial aid package. Few have stopped to ponder the roots of the disagreement. Nowadays, dissenting views are almost always dismissed as extremists, even though they were once the views of the most mainstream rabbis and accepted by all Chabad followers. Full story
By David Yisraeli, Chabad Info
13 Cheshvan 5771 (21.10.2010)
When a Chassid is faced with a question or dilemma, in any part of his life, he asks himself one question: What is the Rebbes opinion on the matter?

This is true about personal matters, even more so concerning matters to do with the fulfillment of the Rebbes desire.

In recent days, the issue of two Shluchim conferences was raised. One side has threatened it members to keep away from its opposition, applying financial penalties to offenders.

In the course of the heated debate, the most fundamental question seemed to be avoided. Who did the Rebbe empower with the responsibility to arrange this conference?

Instead, both parties try to prove their case by showing their success in organizing a more impressive event, with more participants.

Therefore, when writing about the conference, we have to ignore the demagogic style adopted by both sides. We need to judge by asking relevant questions and revealing real and documented answers.

The two most critical questions are:

a. In whose hands did the Rebbe leave the Kinus?
b. How does the Rebbe want to Kinus to look, being the largest formal event of Chabad Lubavitch?

Both questions require much thought and research. Presently, we will discuss the former.

To respond:

The Kinus Hashluchim Hoolomi was not entrusted to any particular person. It was placed under the jurisdiction of the management of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch.

A document proving this fact was presented at the Din Torah between Rabbis Moshe Kotlarsky and Yehuda Krinsky.

The opening line of a letter sent into the Rebbe by Rabbi Kotlarsky, read "after meeting with the management of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, we are preparing to host the conference of all the Shluchim Hatmimim."

The Rebbe circled the word "we," adding "who". The Rebbe then circled the words "Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch", noting in his handwriting "belongs to". In other word, the Rebbe deemed the Kinus under the management of Merkos.

Hence, the Rebbe never once entrusted the Kinus to any person specifically, rather to the executive of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch.

This dismisses arguments made by Rabbi Kotlarsky for many years that the Rebbe delegated him to organize the conference.

Now the question is: In whose hands did the Rebbe leave Chabads most important institution, namely, Merkos Linyonei Chinuch?

A little history:

On 14 Sivan, 5748, the Rebbe summoned to his room Rabbis Chaim Mordechai Chadakov, Nissan Mindel and Yisrael Pekarsky. At that meeting, the Rebbe handed the three rabbis his holy will, designed to deal with the days when darkness will cover the earth. The main part of the will discussed the management of important institutions, including Merkos.

The Rebbe was clear, appointing people who should head each of his important organizations.

A few months later, on 17 Elul, the Rebbe called in all three rabbis again, adding some details to the will. The Rebbe explained the reason of his additions, So as not to leave room for doubts, etc.

According to the will, the office of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch was left to: Rabbis Chaim Mordechai Chadakov, Nissan Mindel and (may he live and be well) Sholom Mendel Simpson.

After 3 Tamuz, 5754, the only living eyewitness to the Rebbes will was Rabbi Mindel. All that remained in his hands was an unsigned copy.

The questioned remained: What was the Rebbes true will?

At a number of meetings held after 3 Tamuz, Rabbi Mindel argued that the will was valid, since he had been one of three witnesses who had personally prepared it for the Rebbe.

At the time, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky claimed that the Rebbe had given him a certain document (according to his claim, he does not recall the exact nature of the document), but unfortunately, the document was lost.

The issue was brought before fifteen respected Chabad rabbis from all over the world. Subsequently, they appointed a committee of four rabbis to research and investigate the matter. The four rabbis elected were Rabbis Yitzchok Hendel (Montreal), Yehuda Kalman Marlow (Crown Heights), Dovid Shuchat (Toronto) and Yitzchok Meir Hertz (London).

The rabbis' investigation included hearing many testimonies, looking at factual examination and carrying out an independent inquiry. Following the arduous investigation the rabbis put out their joint statement, according to which, the will in question is indeed the will of the Rebbe and must be implemented.

Amongst the sea of testimonies presented before the commission, the testimony of Rabbi Shneur Zalman Lakowski, Rosh Yeshiva of 770, stood at as the strongest argument upon which the ruling was based. Rabbi Labkowski said that he had heard first hand from one of the three original witnesses (Rabbi Pekarsky) that the Rebbe had indeed signed the will. That copy of the will went missing.

Those who were, in actuality, holding the office of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch countered that the will could not be a true revelation of the Rebbes desire. This is because, after 1990 the Rebbe signed other official papers, including many more names as members of his association. Thus, they argued, the Rebbes will cannot be verified against the many documents signed throughout the most recent years.

This claim was refuted on account of its flawed logic. The Rebbe signed these other documents for the purpose of regulating the legal status of the association. Throughout the decades, the Rebbe signed legal papers periodically which featured all different names on them. None of those individuals ever claimed that those signed documents constituted their appointment to the post of head of these organizations. These papers were simply intended for the purpose of legalizing the organizations.

The strength of this refutation was ironically conceded to by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, when he himself argues this very same point at the arbitration between himself and Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

The names on those documents obviously didnt mean anything binding.

Pursuant of this Halachic ruling, the only rightful head of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch is Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson, who organizes the annual Kinus in 770, attended by about 1,000 Shluchim from across the globe.

Pulic statement, 26 Menachem Av, 5754 (1994). A statement from the 4 rabbis on the commission, saying that the Rebbe's unsigned will was legitimate and revealed the Rebbe's true will. They spoke in the name of 15 reputable Chabad rabbonim.

Reiteration. On 6 Elul, 5754 the four rabbis reiterated their stance in a second public statement.

Letter from Rabbi Yehuda Kalman Marlow and Rabbi Avraham Osdoba to Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson, telling him that he had complete rights over Merkos Línyonei Chinuch and Kehos.


I have one qouestion if the rebbe shlita is chai vkaim where does this will come into place?i am writing this out of respect and hope you have a answer.also before gemel tamuz who organized the kinus?although I support what you have to represent still these things were on my my mind

2. Time has come we take action!

3. Rabbi Simpson

is the true Shliach of the Rebbe to "Merkos" we mush all be at the Kinnus that he arranges in 770!



5. 2#1

First of all, you have no reason to apologize...

in chabad you are allowed to ask questions!

and now to the point,yes the Rebbe is Chai Vekayiam without any question, but there still is a reason the Rebbe Mh"m gave us this will, for us to know how he wants chabad to continue in these last mommenst of Galus that we can't see the Rebbe!

In other words:

The Rebbe left it for us(yes, you and I and every one whom considers himself a Chossid of the Rebbe!!!) to make sure that the "Will" of the Rebbe is brought out and taken care of!

Yes,who are we and what are we?

but the Rebbe left this for us!

We must make sure the the "Merkos" goe back to it's rightful owner Rabbi Simpson!!!

6. #2 i agree!

But what do you want me to do?!

7. so who are the REAL mushrooms

why has this story never been formally printed or explained? why si it kept quiet and why is every person that goes out somewhere without permission from krinsky and his cohorts are they considered mushrooms?????????

anyone whos not under rabbi simpson is considered the real mushrooms according to RABBIS SHOCHET, MARLOW, HENDEL HERTZ, OSDOBA etc!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Thank you very much!

I was looking for the letter from the badatz of Crown Heights for a while that states that Rabbi Simpson is in charge of Merkoz, so thank you

If tere are any other letters that say that Rabbi Simpson is in charge of Merkoz please publicize! Thanks!

9. i dont get it
Why then nobody comes to the kinus in 770?
why everyone goes to the offical merkos kinus?
where is the picture from the shluchim your kinus?
how come someone that eats on 10 teves is allowed o speak at your kinus?

10. to #9

how come Shmuli Boteach was allowed to speak at your kinus?

it's exactly the same. someone who was a Shliach and went far...

11. #9

what are you talking about????

Thoses who don't fast r"l ARE NOT INVITED TO THE KINNUS!!!

12. What does Kotlarsky say about the Psak Din???

yisroel moshe
the rebbe is running chabad today!!!!<br>
not u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Shliach

I know were i'm going this year..

15. I think that Rabbi Kotlarsky is a man of Emes!

all we need to do is to send him these letters of the Robbonim and i am sure he well make sure to go under Rabbi Simpson!

16. Owner?

To # 5

Not "Owner of Mer..." but Manager.

17. #1

making a will is a segula for arichos yamim

18. where are the other sites?

Why is it that there is nothing said on this Din Torah between Krinsky and Kotlarsky on the other sites?! Is it because the other sites have something to hide to their readers?

19. This is very sad...
Moses David - Florida

I just got this article from a friend through Facebook, and im totally taken back, as im not a Chabad member, rather love ans support Chabad.

I was very close to the Rebbe, and came to 770 sometimes in the late 1980 and early 1990.


20. organize
a Shliach

Rabbi Simpson does not organize the Kinnus in 770 as you write in your article, there is a vaad of Shluchim that do.

21. picture

The other israeli site put in a picture of what is "supposed" to be the kinnus in 770 when in fact tahts a picture of dancing after davening or something. why dont you put in a REAL picture of the kinnus in 770

22. How could it be?
What are you saying?

The Rebbe signed things and didn't really mean it?

I don't understand please explain.

(I understand that you quote Rabbi Krinsky saying The names on those documents obviously didnt mean anything binding.

But you also claim "These papers were simply intended for the purpose of legalizing the organizations."

I have a hard time understanding that the Rebbe did things for fake or for show.

23. new generation

This is a new generation of shluchim today, they have no idea of what went on after Gimmel Tamuz wh the TZavah - they need to be educated and know the facts whom the Rebbe put in charge of merkos, mache and Aguch. is is NOT the people who are running it now .

24. All the shluchim mush know this!!


when will you guys stop this stupidity

stham me


You won't plublish this (I assume)but unfotunately this site (and article..) are well known for inflating stories and numbers.

For a fact we can start with the claim above of 1000 shluchim which is far from reality. Look at the photos from last year - its very obviously around 200.

Don't believe me, do look for yourself.

Needless to say, hamayvin yovin.

That said, i"yh the rebbe will just set us all straight from this bitter golus.

27. why a kinus?

Instead of wasting money on a kinus or two, money should be spent to help bring Moshiach, by helping fellow Jews, including shluchim.

28. 2#15

What does that mean???

you think he doesn't know???

29. 26,

I think that there is still a lot to learn about whats called today "mesechistiem"
I know you think that the site published your comment because you wrote they won't,
but no! that's not the reason why!
unlike in other places we have free of speech and everyone is able to share his opinion!
Let's see what would happen is "chas veshalom" you in your chabad house will say "yechi" with your mekorovim!

how long do you think it will take until they send you home?..

it's not a secret that many of the Shluchim whom come to the kinnus in 770, come not cause there are big mischistim rater because they were throw out of there Shlichus for no reason!
no din torah, no nothing!
As soon as the so called "Head Shliach" fells like it!!

which by-the-way, when "Merkos" came to the Rebbe with the idea of printing the "sefer hashlochim" in 91-92, they wanted to at the beginning of each country or state to first put the "Head shliach" the Rebbe's answer was... WHAT IS A HEAD SHLIACH???

Does this story say anything to you??

30. Shliach

What is there to do?
how can i help?

i fell i must do something!!

31. #25

What stupidity?

Flowing Rabbonims letter???

32. WHY?

Why should we take any of this seriously if the documents are photoshopped?

33. Will
To # 1

Lets put it this way. The Rebbe knew what kind of people he had around him and he knew that they will try and hijack the funds of Chabad/Lubavitch in the moments where he is not seen, so the Rebbe made the Will. This has nothing to do with the Rebbe still being very much alive, in fact, the will proves it even more, because it shows, unlike some that think that the entire event of 3 tammuz was an accident, it was all a plan and the plan included a time when we will not see the Rebbe, even though he is very much alive.

The point is that it is interesting that just prior to the Rebbe's revelation, finally the truth is coming out. For close to 20 years both Krinsky and Kotlarsky hijacked Lubavitch and made it sound as if it was theirs and that all the shluchim and all the money belonged to them. Amazing how in the right moment the truth is coming out.

34. Yechi

The big lie! You know how the communists would work? They would scare people into thinking that if you did the right thing, you would not make it. It is amazing that certain shluchim accomplished the same thing regarding Yechi.

Facts: Shluchim do say yechi and no one walks out.

Facts: People come to 770 on their way to become closer to the Rebbe, like from Brazil and France, to name two places, they all say Yechi and no one is running away!

Facts: Shluchim whgo didn't say yechi are losing funds in that their baalei Batim are losing money in these trying times, while shluchim who say yechi say that fund raising has never been better.

The point I am making is that the entire situation in making it sound that people will walk out of the Chabad House or stop giving funds if you say Yechi, is simply not true and is the big lie.

35. after gimmel tamuz
moshe tzi M.

after gimmel tamuzz everyone thought yuddel krinsky will have a few hundred million to help shluchim so they feared to get involved todate NO ONE GOT ANYTHHING the time came to really ask who did the rebbi appoint! dont get fooled byh the event they put out...GOYISH PARTY PLANNERS can also make a nice event to we give over chabad to them????!!!! krinsky hijacket the mossed!!!!

36. What Really Happened?
Need Clarification

Who had the signed will?

How did it get lost?

Was there only one?

If there were 15 Rabbonim why did only 4 sign?

Why didn't this go to court?

Was there ever a Zabla?

This is a very flawed piece of journalism, you make many good points but you need more information to convince me.

37. Kotlarsky - Krinsky

I heard that by the din torah between Kotlarsky and Kryski both of them put out a lot of letters of the rebbe against each other, could you please publish them?

38. Sholom and peace is the most important!
Sholom Levin - P.A.

At first thought i think maybe these sings should be kept under the table and especially now - so many years after all these stories had happened, the new generation doesnt have to know about fights of the past, Rabbi Marlow passed away, and the generation changed, maybe especially now is the time to make peace and Sholom between all of us.

The fighting should be over and Chabad should become one.

I think its wrong to bring up old fights

39. Peace is the most important! - But what is peace???
To Sholom Levin

I read your thought and liked what you wrote, but...

Before we make peace we got to know what peace means!

When i fight someone, and decide later to make peace with the one i fought, i will be obligated to go over to that individual and put my self esteem on the side and show him, no im not the winner, and i ask forgiveness for what i have done, and will make sure that it doesnt happen again.

Peace is not done with everyone. As one that killed ones father the son will never forgive the murderer, being that forgiveness doesnt help and the son will not see his father again.

About this story: How can we forgive? How can we forget? And if we do, is this real peace???

No its not! People that were and are fighting against the Rebbe and his Rabbonim cant be forgotten and forgiven!

Its not us who they fought, and its not our respect that they disrespected, rather the Rebbe himself!

"Peace is the most important!" you say, but in this case its not peace, rather giving into terrorist that were fighting for their own agenda for the past 20 years!

And Adraba, making peace with them means: Having part and participating in their fight against the Rebbe!

40. Dear Sholom Levin:
Menachem Weiss

Yes its very important to tell all the stories to the new generation!

We cant let our children to take part in terrorism against the Rebbe.

41. amazing article

42. Time will come that the wrong history will be the right!
Efraim Lebron

Menachem Weiss, a agree with you a 100%

My son came home one day and told me that he went to this and this place and had a nice Farbregen with Rabbi so and so (D. F.), he was very happy, being that he had enjoyed the Farbrengen.

Me on the other side was shocked! How was it possible that my son will participate in a Farbrengen that was associated with a individual that fought clearly against the Rebbe??? I couldnt take it, i stood Shabbos after Shabbos, week after week by the Rebbes Farbrengens and remember sceaming about this person, the Rebbe even said that "he is standing now at this Farbrengen and is laughing in my face!" How was it that my son will go and give this guy respect, if it meant sporting some one who fought against the Rebbe?

I then cane to a conclusion that im obligated to tell my son the Lubavitch history, and ley him know what people did and said even in the good old days when we were still able stilt see the Rebbe.

The same is with this, if no one will tell the new generation about the Rebbes opinion about Merkoz, there will come a time and people will think that the wrong history is the right!

43. lets do something about it

i think no matter what you try to explain your still going to have the people which are not interested in hearing about it

because this is the way they were brought up

i they just go with the flow

thats really the problem that the flow is going the wrong way here

but what we have to accomplish that it should be the in thing to do what the rebbe wants

so chevre lets do something about it


so why does everybody think the opposite?

45. to # 32

wow you think they photoshopped these documents that dosen't make sense

if you really think so then....

46. mushrum

So what is wrong with being a mushroom and feeling second class. It beats riding first class and perhaps feeling unworthy of it.

The Rebbe said in the early sichos "... it doesn't matter if you are working on behalf of JOINT or HIAS (referring to Jewish the European war-relief organizations)If a Chossid finds himself in a city, it is upon him to transform it into a Chassidishe Shtot."

Whether we come from far or near, let us come together in the spirit of Ahavas Isroel, Chassidic joy, and bitter-sweet memories. Let us be inspired by stories of transforming lives of fellow Jews

See you all soon, G-d willing

47. to #20

r' simpson does go to the kinnus in 770

48. Agree with Efraim Lebron
Leizer Porges

You took the words out of my mouth...

49. Sholom Levin i used to think so as well.... but....
Asher Zelig

Sholom Levin i used to think so as well, but read some more about it, and realized that peace with criminals is just not peace, and is very unhealthy for our children.

50. The kids should know about it, but now with no Sinah!
Ben-Tzion Wolkenfeld

The generation should know what had happened in the past but should not have sinah to these individuals.

Thats my personal opinion.

51. No hate! But no lies!

We just got to know the truth!

beis din

This article is very old news

BH, we have aout holy Torah, and it is only a Beis Din who can decide what is the Rebbe's will

If the story would be different, ppl would go and fight in a different way ,even physically to take over ,giving up the life if neccesary,and the matter would go to a ZABLA

Obviuosly , ppl accepted Rabbi Krinsky as the winner. You can show these letters from he 4 Rabbonim, but this is not the final Psak.

If we want to do what the Rebbe wants, it can come ONLY from our holy Torah,

Be smart, this article makes sense, but it is missing the all picture, it is missing the BA'MEH DEVARIM AMURIM "

i don't understand...

It seems from here so obvious that merkos belongs to simpson... So why hasn't he taken control of 770 yet from the gaboyim in the courts instead of krinsky?

54. To Comment 32
RE: Photoshopping

Two Lubavitch girls, very obviously educated in non-mishichist schools were overheard talking while watching a video of the Rebbe encouraging the singing of yechi (before the stroke) which was being shown at a Bnos Rabbeinu HS production. One said to the other, "Isn't it disgusting? Can you believe they would even edit a video of the Rebbe???"

Someone who doesn't want to believe will be very happy keeping his head in the sand!!!


Rebbe demanded that the Kinus can ONLY be in Crown Heights and nowhere else


In your intellectuall dishonesty you ignor the written answer from the Rebbe "...Erev Shabbos...kavanasoy retzuya..."" etc.

57. to # 52

dont know how aware you are of the situation but for 10 years Rabbi Krinsky was caled to a din Torah and even to a Zabla by Rabbi Marlow and ybl"c RabbI Osdoba and he reused to come -- there was even a loi teiza against him which ment that he refuses to come to a din torah

so the Idea of a Din Torah is in Rabbi Krinsky's and Shemtov's hands even today

Rabbi Simpson Asked and was always ready to come to a din torah



59. Can any one enlighten me

Where or when did the Rebbe MH"M say that the Kinnus should only be in Crown Heights ???

Is there a letter or a sicha ??

60. Moshiach Now

Well written article.

It should be posted every day at the top of your website, until this matter is fixed.....

61. Merkos symbol?

If you guys really believe that you are merkos which according to the rebbes will you really are why then don't you yous the merkos symbol in you're kinus invations e.t.c.?

62. to #61

becuase Krinsky told Rabbi Simpson that he'll take him to court for this, and Rabbi Simpson don't want any more Chilul Hashem.

63. merkos
zev W.
did anyone realize how many of krinsky's direct family work for merkos at the top from son to son in law to nephews cousins WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP AND REALIZE KRINKSY TURNED WHAT THE REBBI BUILT FOR DECADES INTO A PRIVATE BUSINES!

64. Oh come on!

The letter that where the Rebbe said that it belongs to Mercoz is (like you write yourselves), was about a Kinnus for the Talmidim Hashluchim.

65. Will

I am surpried that so little is known. First, where is the Will that the rebbe signed? For everyone to know, the Rebbe signed three copies of the Will. He gave one to Rabbi Pikarsky, the Rosh Yeshiva in 770 and the Rebbe's Rav in those days. He showed it to Rabbi Zalmen Lapkovsky, so there is a live witness who knew it exists. He gave the second to Dr Nissan Mindel, who was the second person in the Hanhalah of merkos and he gave the third to to Rabbi Hadakov.

Now for the information. 1) Krinsky and Shemtov bought the Will from Pikarsky's son after he passed away, for $100.000.00. The money was the Rebbe's. 2) The Will that Dr Mindel had, was bought out also, they agreed to pay all his debts and did. Everyone knows that Dr Mindel had many debts and loved money.

3) The thrid Will was with rabbi Chadekov and Sholom Yisroel his son, showed the original to Rabbi Marlow back when they were dealing with this issue. He did not give it to anyone and has it hidden in a safe, and said it will be given in the right time.

Warning: In those day Shemtov and Krinsky worked together, as the plan was to conquer and divide. But Krinsky outsmarted all of them and refuses to give an accounting, arguing that the Rebbe never told him to give an accounting to a Vaad of Shluchim, all of them waiting for their share of the stolen loot (the Merkos money) and if a signed Will was produced, I think that the person who prodeces it can lose his life by Krinsky's people. Don't forget that for so many years Krinsky has been sitting on a gold mine, purchsing for himself penthouses in FL (this we will talk about another time) and redoing his house (one estimate that it costed over a million) etc.

I suggest to the Chabad info people to keep the information and messages on the top for a few weeks. People who are saying that it is a Shanda to put this out are right, but it is a greater Shanda for it to have heppened in the first place and the time has come, because the so-called Vaad of Shluchim are ready to spill the story, as for close to 20 years theyt waited for funds and all they got was aggrivation from krinsky and his gang.

66. # 64
Oh Come on!

Like everything esle, you guys know how to twist things around. In those days there was no Talmidim Hashluchim! This started after Gimmel Tamuz, so what kind of balony are you trying to sell?

67. Read, Just Read!
To #66

This is a paragraph in the article.

Find it!

68. This Is what it says Read the last words!

"The opening line of a letter sent into the Rebbe by Rabbi Kotlarsky, read "after meeting with the management of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, we are preparing to host the conference of all the Shluchim Hatmimim."


It may be a good idea to translate the Will and Bais din Documents into English, so they can be more accessable to more people.

70. Does he belive that HE is the one? Or is he not sure enough to want to fight it in court?
Loy Achbara Ganav Ela Chura Ganav

At fault are those who have failed to make all these documents and positions known to every Shliach and Household of Chabad.

Being the Head of an organization is not only a Zchus but also an Achrayus to defend it even if it necessitates going to court.

For example, if someone challenged "who 770 belongs to?" the Rebbe didn't just talk about it in 770, he took it to court.

If Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson really believes he is "THE" one who the Rebbe not only "empowered" but "demanded" and commanded him to run Merkos, then it is not his "OPTION" if he wants to go to court to defend it, or if he prefers to live peaceful quietly without making a public fuss about it.

A Job comes with a responsibility to defend it, even if one needs to go to court to defend the Rebbe's position on this.

If the Rebbe sends and or appoints someone to do a job. He is the Rebbe's Shliach in this, and failure to FIGHT to defend this position, can be equated with a Meila Beshlichus, Chas Vesholom.

71. TORAH determines the reality
to # 70

Haven't there been enough court cases?

Since we are dealing here with people who are shomer Torah & Mitzvos, a Bais Din ruling should be all that is needed!

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