Belzer Rebbe at Yechidus • Rare Photo
The Belzer Rebbe, Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, at Yechidus by the Rebbe in Adar 5741. Enlarge
12 Iyar 5771 (16.05.2011)


I wonder if the Belzer websites also show this picture?

2. The Rebbe's Brocho

I heard that the Belzer Rebbe didnt have kids in years, and by his visit to the Rebbe he asked for a Brocho, and shortly after he had his one and only son, Rabbi Aharon Mordechai.

3. He looks so young

How long is he Rebbe for?

4. comment 2

I just did the calculations. According to the picture tag, it was taken in 1980. The Belzer Rebbes son was born in 1975. Your theory is wrong.

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