Chabad Feeding Thousands at Rutgers
Chabad House of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, the largest Chabad House in the world, directed by Rabbi Boruch Goodman has opened its new Kosher Dining Hall with a completely new Menu and Service Plan. Full Story
Shalom Abramowitz
3 Elul 5771 (02.09.2011)
As the new semester begins for the students at Rutgers University, the Chabad House on College Ave. has opened its new Kosher Dining Hall with a completely new Menu and Service Plan.   Students that have signed up for this "New and Improved" Kosher Meal Program will be feasting their eyes (and stomachs), when they see the new resaturant-style setup at Chabad.

This will feature a posted Menu outside the building on College Ave., new furniture, and a completely revamped menu.  This will include everything from breakfasts with many hot dishes, lunches with a choice of main courses, and a full five-star dinner venue.  In addition, Chabad House has changed to new china dining ware and silver cutlery, designed especially for its beauty and function.   The new Chefs at Chabad House, Chezky Adler and Arye Spilman, have a combined 30 years of experience in the preparation and serving of fine dining experience, and have set into motion many novel ideas in the Kosher Dining Program.

Rabbi Baruch Goodman, campus director at Chabad House, exclaimed, "I can only invite each and every student to see for themselves the creativity of our new chefs!   I am confident that within a short period, Kosher food will be the hottest 'talk of the town' on campus!   In my 25 years at Rutgers, I have rarely seen such a beautiful and rich display of Kosher food.  In fact, I've heard pf parents who want to return to college campus life just for the food!"

The executive director of Chabad House, Rabbi Yosef Carlebach commented, "As we prepare to open the doors of our new addition, the 55,000 square foot complex adjacent to our current building, we are proud to give our students a 'taste' of the future of Jewish life on campus.  Our  goal is to fill the new Kosher Dining Hall to capacity every mealtime.   We are lucky to have the same  level of talent in our kitchens as we have in other areas of our building.   We know that the combined energy of our new male and female dormitories that can accomodate over 100 students, and our new Kosher Dining Hall that accomodates 770 students, will definitiely change the "jewish life" on campus for many years to come."
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