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NatGeo Screens Chassidic Documentary
KIDDUSH HASHEM: National Geographic has produced a documentary about Chassidim and Chassidic life in the twenty first century, the documentary "takes you to the heart of this unknown community to explore the beliefs, rules, rituals and traditions" presents an excerpt ●  Pictures, Video
27 Nisan 5773 (07.04.2013)

National Geographic

National Geographic

National Geographic

1. LI

Matisyahu Devlin is a true Chassid! Much nachas from LI.

Yechi HaMelech HaMoshiach!


terrible documentary.

though chabad was represented in good light, the others put a terrible spin on the chassidic community.

3. 'Todah'
Boruch N. Hoffinger

National Geographic and Matisyahu Devlin.

Most fascinating and amazing!


How could I get to see the full video of this? You can email the information to me, at

5. Full vid

Here's a link to the full video on YouTube

Light edition - for saving-as ...