Peace imminent in Crown Heights
The rivalry and infighting which has handicapped the functioning of the Crown Heights Beis Din for many years, is set to come to a sudden halt with the publishing of a Halachic ruling from a panel of judges appointed and agreed upon by both sides of the dispute ● Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Shwei have been deemed equally qualified members of the Beis Din, and the community’s Morei D’asra ● The appointment of three additional rabbi some years back has been rendered un-Halachic and their status has been retroactively voided ● Full story and the P'sak
By Tzemach Brown, Chabad Info
30 Nisan 5770 (14.04.2010)
The longtime dispute between the local rabbinical authorities which gripped the community and jeopardized Halachic credibility in the eyes of many outsiders has finally been dispelled.

Today, an official ruling was released by the board of rabbis appointed by both Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Shwei in following the Halachic system known as Zablo (each side choosing a judge who in turn appoint the rest of the panel together).
The rabbinical jury included Rabbi Avrohom Boruch Rosenberg of Monsey with four other distinguished Chabad rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Havlin, Rabbi Yosef Hecht, Rabbi Boruch Yurkowitz and Rabbi Benyomin Kuperman. The rabbis spent months breaking down the case, deliberating over every aspect of the dispute including its root causes and the outcomes. Today they have reached their official conclusions which have been summed up in a 12-page ruling.
The ruling is believed to be the end to the bitter rift within the community caused by the rabbis’ disagreements. From now begins the reconciliation process, in which the community can reinstate its faith its leaders once more.
The key points outlined in the ruling are as follows:
Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Shwei are both regarded as equally empowered members of the Crown Heights Beis Din. They are also the community’s Morei Deasra.

The appointment of the three additional rabbis, namely Rabbi Shlomo Segal, Rabbi Avrohom Raitport and Rabbi Yitzchok Zirkind was deemed contrary to Halacha. Hence, their status as Crown Heights rabbis has been retroactively terminated. Rabbi Segal and Raitport, however will continue to serve as dayanim on the community Beis Din.

Proceedings for an election for a third rabbi will soon be underway.

All letters sent by individual rabbis, without authorization from fellow rabbis on the Beis Din, including Kisvei Siruv are naturally rendered meaningless and void of any Halachic power.

Since there is substantial doubt and distrust regarding the most recent Vaad Hakohol elections and the Gaba’aim in 770, reelections have been scheduled for Rosh Chodesh Tamuz. Until that date, the current members holding office will continue to work in their positions.

A complete guide of directives on the management of the upcoming elections has been compiled by the rabbinical court.

The Vaad Hakashrus of Crown Heights is one institution which suffered much of the brunt of the battle in the past few years. In their verdict, the rabbis bequeathed all spiritual responsibilities to the hands of all rabbis in the Beis Din.

The financial management will be left up to the community, through a Vaad Hakashrus which will be run by the soon to be elected Vaad Hakohol.
Both sides have praised the day as the return of peace and tranquility to the Crown Heights neighborhood. Residents have expressed hope and trust that both sides will do their utmost to best facilitate the speedy execution of all directive of the ruling.

If the desired effect is reached, Crown Heights will once again be a great source of pride to Chabad and to the Rebbe.

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